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Know Your Equation: No More Missed Oil Changes

Who or what tells you when to get oil changes? Is it your car’s manufacturer, the guy who did your last oil change, a trusty relative? Is it a sensor in your car, a light on its dashboard, or—let’s hope not—a clicking noise in your engine? There are lots of ways to determine when oil changes are due (or, in Continue Reading...
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Why That Muffler Repair Can’t Wait

You may not need a car that purrs like a kitten, but beware if yours sounds like an angry lion growling in a stand-off. On the savanna, that’s the sound of a king. On the road, that rumbling racket could mean you need a muffler repair. The big job of your muffler is to cancel out, or muffle, the sound Continue Reading...
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Where Not to Spend Your Summer Vacation: An Auto Repair Shop

The rising costs of air travel—from tickets to baggage fees to airport meals and rental cars—have many folks running back to an American original: the summer road trip. Are you planning to hit the interstates this summer? Take your car in for a checkup before you go. You don’t want to waste a moment of your vacation sitting in an Continue Reading...
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