We know you depend on your car, so trust the auto service company with over 50 years of experience to maintain its health and extend its life.

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You can rely on us for:

Preventive vehicle maintenance
Factory scheduled maintenance (at 30, 000; 60, 000; 90, 000; etc. miles)
Exhaust and suspension services
Climate control repair
Oil and filter changes
Engine tune-ups

You name it, we can handle it.   A basic checklist for preventative maintenance includes:

  1.       Oil, Filters and Fluids
  2.       Hoses
  3.       Braking System
  4.       Battery
  5.       Lights
  6.       Tire Pressure and Tread
  7.       AC System
  8.       Belts

Schedule an appointment for your car to be inspected by our Midas ASE certified mechanics to extend the life of our car.